Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man

This is a known fact among the entertainment industry. All it takes for worldwide recognition is some exposure in something popular. (Seriously, take into account how many singers got big after competing on American Idol.)

Take into account The Amazing Spider-Man. Its director Marc Webb (fitting name) got recognized after his debut (500) Days of Summer premiered three years earlier. The following year, its stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone got recognized from their work in The Social Network and Easy A, respectively.

Now I haven't seen any of Sam Raimi's movies, so I can't provide any comparisons. However, I can say that I was thoroughly entertained with what Webb offered his audience. There were some complaints among those who saw this and Raimi's movies, but I ignored them. You're supposed to enjoy a movie like this, not criticize.

Garfield possesses a certain charisma that's reminiscent of the stars of Hollywood's yesteryear. He plays Peter Parker not as someone who finds himself completely devoted to ridding crime. He plays him as who he is: a teenager. And going by the other work of his that I've seen, I can tell he's sticking around for some time.

Haters say what you want about this. I really liked The Amazing Spider-Man, probably more than I should have. Garfield and Stone have great chemistry, and Webb makes it possible. Try to catch this when it's still in theaters.

My Rating: ****1/2


  1. I could've anjoyed this...had I not scene Raimi's first. It's just so hard not to compare them when they only came out in the past decade.

  2. Directed by a guy named "Webb"? That's hilarious.

  3. I liked Amazing Spiderman, but didn't love it. It felt like they rushed through a hell of a lot in the middle and end. I still have no idea what Lizard's plan actually is, or whether Dr. Connors is in control at points.

    Still, Garfield, Stone, Denis Leary, Sally Fields and Martin Sheen all feel like significant upgrades. Love Webb's eyeand hope he gets another crack with a better script.

  4. I liked Spiderman too -- don't worry you're not alone.


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