Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fright Night

There are two types of vampires: the brooding, slightly handsome type and the purely evil type. What category does Jerry Dandrige (Colin Farrell) of Craig Gillespie's Fright Night fit into? Thankfully the latter category. (Though he does fit a little into the former category too.)

Of course, playing a vampire relies more than just having a pretty face. An actor has to be able to play someone with a complete disregard for human life. Farrell does just that with a touch of devilish charm. Also, is it bad to be attracted to a vicious killer?

Anton Yelchin provides some amusement as the main character of Charley Brewster. However, the way Charley is written is the typical teenager found in a horror movie: wants to get laid, confused by the regular moments in his life, things like that. Still, Yelchin makes the most of his role.

For me, I was thoroughly entertained by David Tennant as Peter Vincent. I think it was the thought of seeing The Doctor as a goth vampire expert that made it amusing. He traded in the brown suit and Converse high tops for leather and guyliner. (Honestly, that ass in low-cut leather pants. Yum.)

The main appealing factor of Fright Night is the fact that it doesn't take itself seriously. That's what makes it so amusing. There are gaps in the story, it gets ridiculous towards the end...who cares? Just watch for some spooks and laughs.

My Rating: ****


  1. I really enjoyed this as well. As a huge Buffy fan, I was stoked for Marti Noxon's screenplay. Not up to Buffy-standard, but still a supernatural blast. Nice write-up.

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  3. I'm someone who's generally fond of Farrell, I didn't much for his work, here. For me, it was Yelchin makes the film with his firm grip on the comedy throughout.

    Also, a Toni Collette appearance is rarely a bad thing.

  4. You and I are not on the same page with this one. So disappointing and uninspired, despite some amusing moments. I agree with Andrew - Yelchin is the scene stealer and we can never have too much Toni Collette! A spinoff with the two of them, perchance?

  5. Seeing The Doctor in a goth costume and eyeliner was funny and disturbing in equal measure. :-)

  6. It was David Tennant that really sold this movie - playing a character with very little in common with the Doctor. I enjoyed this more than the original.

  7. I really liked Farrell hamming it up in this, but beyond that, I guess I had mostly forgotten about it.


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