Monday, July 16, 2012

Annie Oakley

When one hears the name George Stevens, you immediately think of either A Place in the Sun or Giant. His other work usually gets put in the shadows.

Take for instance Annie Oakley. Starring Barbara Stanwyck as the famed sharpshooter, the film displays the role differences of a certain era. Not many films from this decade like this were common.

As shown in the film, the thought of a woman sharpshooter was unheard of. A woman should be in the kitchen, not outside firing a gun. Annie, of course, managed to put women in a more respectable light.

That said, Stevens sort of sticks with that. He doesn't feel the urge to venture into any new material (except maybe a weak romantic subplot). However, what he shows is quite good.

Annie Oakley in toll is good for entertainment value but not much else. Stanwyck is good, but she usually is anyways. All in all, Annie Oakley is an amusing film but that's sort of it.

My Rating: ****

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