Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy 101 Award

Okay, so Dan over at Top10Films tagged me with the Happy 101 Award. Basically I gotta name ten things that make me happy and tag ten other bloggers. The good thing is it doesn't have to be all movie-related (about time!). Okay, ten things:

1) Movies. Duh...

2) Books. Again, duh...

3) Comments. That's usually my way of finding out if someone's actually reading what I write.

4) My cat Merlin. He's a handful (and a nut) but I still love the goober.

5) Funny posts. Particularly those by Univarn (who I'm tagging).

6) Black and white movies. A little more specific than the first one I mentioned. I believe black and white films have a more romantic feel to it.

7) Hilarious movies references. More specifically from these two sites.

8) Lists. Usually the choices mentioned on them are pretty interesting. A cool site to check out if you're interested.

9) Music. It's weird because I listen to rock music to calm me down if I'm in a bad mood.

10) Having conversations with other bloggers. I don't usually reply to the comments, but I talk to a lot of other bloggers on Twitter. My account, if you're curious.

So, ten bloggers to tag, huh? Already tagged one earlier, so I'm left with nine.

Julian of Movies and Other Things...
John of John Likes Movies
Andrew of Encore's World of Film and TV
Danny of The King Bulletin
Mad Hatter of The Dark of the Matinee
Alex of Film Forager
Sam at Film Intel

Soo, that's that.


  1. ...so you like movies! ;)

    I don't have a cat...I'm more of a dog person but the white cat next door to us is also called Merlin. He's always coming in through the open living room window and setting up home next to the couch. I think his owner is away a lot.

    It's great that you like lists. It bodes well for my site! :)

    Nice Happy 101, Anna!

  2. Major thanks for the award, though I know my comment is late.

    Also thanks for calling my posts funny. Though I don't suppose this is the appropriate time to go into a Goodfellas funny rant is it? :P


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