Friday, June 22, 2012

Bells Are Ringing

There's always that great feeling when you see that one film you immediately fall in love with once the credits start to roll. You don't come across those very often.

For me, I saw Vincente Minnelli's Bells Are Ringing, a musical comedy starring Judy Holliday (in her final film) and Dean Martin. Much like when I saw Singin' in the Rain, this film reminded me why I love movies in the first place.

I personally think Holliday is one of the most unsung talents to even perform. From her squeaky-voiced dumb blondes in Adam's Rib and Born Yesterday to her gentle performance in Bells Are Ringing, she always make the screen light up when she's present and especially when she smiles. Also, who would have imagined that a woman who could do a voice that could break glass could also possess a very lovely singing voice?

Martin I already liked in Rio Bravo and a little in The Young Lions. Here in Bells Are Ringing, he is very charming in his role, and his comedic timing is wonderful. Also, try to find someone who doesn't swoon when that man croons. (Very impossible, trust me.)

I just loved Bells Are Ringing. It's just one of those films that you could watch over and over, and not get tired of it. Seriously, just talking about it makes me want to watch it again.

My Rating: *****

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