Sunday, June 17, 2012

All About My Mother

Earlier this year, I was introduced to the world of Pedro Almodovar in the form of Talk to Her. Since then, I've been trying to find the next ideal film of his to watch.

I opted for All About My Mother, the film that earned Almodovar the Foreign Language Film Oscar. (On a similar note, Talk to Her nabbed him a Best Original Screenplay Oscar.) Curious from the acclaim it received, I hoped it would deliver. It did.

Much like Talk to Her, All About My Mother hits in the right places emotionally. Sure, the tale of a woman trying to recover after the sudden death of her son may sound soppy to some, but Almodovar makes sure to add small bursts of humor to soften the blows. (It's very much needed, trust me.)

There have been many comparisons towards All About My Mother, ranging from the styles of other acclaimed directors to famous films. Indeed parallels between this and A Streetcar Named Desire are uncanny, but I would like to view it as a film of its own. But that's just me being, well, me.

Long story short, I loved All About My Mother. I'm now very, very tempted to delve into his other work, though I fear I won't love them as much as Talk to Her or All About My Mother. But who knows? One does not simply second guess.

My Rating: *****


  1. It's my favorite out of Almodovar's movies, just the perfect mix of all his signature moves. You should check out Carne Tremula and Skin I live in, also Volver is pretty good.

  2. I just rewatched Volver the other night and it is fantastic. Easily my favourite Almodovar movie. You should see it next, I have a feeling you will adore it.

  3. Oh god, I love All About My Mother. It's damn near impossible to pick a favorite Almodovar, but I honestly think mine is The Skin I Live In... that one just blew me right the hell away.


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