Friday, November 11, 2011

Run Lola Run

Every time I see a movie that has received nothing but high praises, I have to be cautious. It can't always be as good as others say. (I learned that after seeing Citizen Kane.)

Good thing Run Lola Run is as good as everyone says it is. The concept has been done a bunch of times in other movies that don't generally work. Run Lola Run presents the concept that is so simple as something fresh.

This was made during the MTV era of the 1990's, so naturally it would feel that it was made for the MTV crowd. In reality, Run Lola Run is made for everyone. It's not targeted at a specific audience but rather at those who want to get their money's worth from a movie.

Run Lola Run is a very good movie, but I had a problem or two with the narrative. I found it a bit jumpy in spots, but that's a minor detail. All in all, Run Lola Run is worth checking out.

My Rating: ****1/2


  1. Hooray! It's an all-time favorite of mine, and yea, I'd be surprised if it didn't live up to the hype for most anybody, so long as the details of the film weren't spoiled. It just feels so fresh and innovative, and that ain't going away anytime soon.

  2. Speaking of Citizen Kane, it sounds like you should enter the contest over at True Classics where you write a post explaining either why Kane is the best movie of all-time or overrated.

    yer old pal,
    the Mythical Monkey

  3. God, I feel so bad for not putting Run Lola Run in my top 100 favourite films. I loved it when I saw it a couple of years back, and still love it now.

    Glad you felt the same way, too. It is a pretty amazing, proper entertaining film.

  4. I feel embarrassed, because as a German I should've seen this, I feel...

  5. It's such a great film, I've seen it only once but I remember it all those years later.


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