Thursday, November 24, 2011


With all of the recent family friendly movies being released, it's hard to find one right for the whole family. So naturally it would be surprising that the best came from the least likely of names in the field: Martin Scorsese.

Surprising as that may sound, Scorsese captures what many movies in the same spectrum try so hard to contain: the wonder seen through a child's eyes. So many directors have tried to achieve that feat. Only a few have succeeded.

Hugo has to be Scorsese's most personal entry. What other contribution of his to the world of film conveys his love of film? This is more than just a movie for kids. This is a movie made for those who are as deeply devoted to the early years of film as much as Scorsese is.

Hugo is one of this year's best. Scorsese can do no wrong here. (Then again, when doesn't he?) He masterfully blends fantasy and realism within each scene. Also, if you're going to watch this (which you should), see it in 3D. It will enhance your viewing experience to a new level.

My Rating: *****


  1. A very nice review of a lovely and touching film. I liked what you said about those are are "deeply devoted" to the study of early film. Film (an extension of photography) is really the only art form in history that we can study the beginning of. We can see some (not enough, of course) of the first photographs, of the first moving photographs. This movie is a dream - but I'm afraid that people won't go to see it. Hope I'm wrong.

  2. Been hearing nothing but great things about Hugo. Really looking forward to it now.

  3. Have heard soooooo many good things about this - nice review :)

  4. Saw this a second time today and plan on seeing it a third time. I agree: see it in 3D.

  5. I would really like to see this. Thanks for the positive review!

  6. I cannot speak highly enough of this movie, it quite literally blew my mind. I was expecting next to nothing, and the joke is certainly on me. Loved it.


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