Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I just want to know what you guys want in the way of reviews. Because, hey, even I get tired of watching the classics (as shocking as that may seem). I'll start them in the coming months. (I got a horror movie marathon planned for the rest of the month; you'll find out the titles when I review them.)

Oh, and to you Tyler, I already know what you want out of this site. I'll try my best.


  1. Despite my commenting falling off a bit lately (sorry for that) I do quite enjoy reading your reviews.

    I'm always partial to directors' series, as the reviews begin to bleed over into one another as you continue to compare and contrast one person's vision.

  2. Like I say every single time...I want you to watch a bad movie or two. It's not so that you get tortured by how bad they are. I want to see what you would have to say about a movie that isn't necessarily seen as amazing, or a classic. It'd be something a little bit different from you.

  3. I love this site. I know I do not comment as much as I should. But that is mainly as I am not the greatest at watching classics and oldies.

    This means that I have little to add. I will try harder to help out more in the future

  4. I think what you have going here is good. I prefer the format now where you mix in more recent stuff with the classics, but classics are fun too. I agree with JurassicGriffin above that it would be interesting to see how you would react to films outside of the generally well regarded stuff.


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