Friday, October 28, 2011

Fatal Attraction

The most common type of horror movie villain is what I affectionately call the "psycho bitch". You know, the woman who is so mentally unhinged she will do anything drastic to get what she wants.

The most famous example is Glenn Close's Alex Forrest in Fatal Attraction. Close is one of the best actresses working today and Alex is her most famous role. For good reason too. She appears to be a pleasant person, but one look into her hollow eyes proves otherwise. As much as I like Cher in Moonstruck, her work pales in comparison to Close's.

It's the small details of Fatal Attraction that makes it work. Take note that Alex's apartment, most of her clothing and possessions are white. However, she is anything but pure. The first time we see her, we almost pick up immediately that she's trouble with a capital T. Too bad Dan (Michael Douglas) doesn't pick up on it.

Fatal Attraction is a very effective thriller, but it loses something when Close isn't on screen. This movie probably made men think twice before having an affair. (Close said that people thank her for saving their marriages.) One more thing about Close. Two words to describe she means business: bunny boiler.

My Rating: ****1/2


  1. I have not seen this since it came out. I should watch this again, pretty sure my perspective has changed a bit since 87.

  2. Clearly, the thing to appreciate most about the film is Glenn's fine performance and I love her attention to detail. I loved how she said in an interview, she was making Alex less of a villain and more a woman who was just sadly unhinged. I may be alone, but at the end of the movie I feel sorry for her.

    (Lynne's direction is impeccable, too.)

  3. Cher's win over Close is one of the most puzzling gaffs in Oscar history.


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