Sunday, January 24, 2016


Childhood is rough enough as it is. There's dealing with annoying siblings, problems at school, and numerous other woes that one realizes aren't so important when they're older. But what about those things one realizes at an early age that are actually crucial?

Céline Sciamma's Tomboy revolves around a young trans boy as he and his family move to a new home. As a nice deviation from other fiction of a similar nature, he feels no angst over his identity. (If only the same could be said for his mother...)

Most of the time fiction focuses on trans women in their twenties or thirties. Very seldom do trans men get their moment in the spotlight. Thankfully Sciamma provides that spotlight. (More stuff like this, please.)

Tomboy also shows that there are those of a young age that realize who they are. There could be a little boy that knows he's not attracted to girls. There could be a little girl who likes her hair short and hates wearing dresses. These are just a few examples out of many of what the children of the world might feel.

Tomboy is proof that we need more films of this nature. This is not something only encountered by people at the early peak of their lives; it can be something that children feel as well. Don't immediately assume that all girls want to play with dolls or all boys want to play sports.

My Rating: ****1/2


  1. Great write up. I watched this a few years ago and thought it was very good. I wish there were more films like it too.


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