Tuesday, January 12, 2016


There's something annoying about female-led projects always being put on a pedestal whenever they're released. Women are half of the world's entire population. Why does everyone start talking about them once they make their presence known amid this bullshit patriarchy?

There's no logical reason as to why women can't be respected by their male peers regardless of intelligence, sense of humor or beauty (which in of itself is overrated). They're the reason for why we walk this earth. If giving birth to you isn't enough of a reason to respect even your own mother, what is?

Okay, that's not exactly the point David O. Russell's Joy is trying to make though it does prove women need to go to certain lengths to be held in the same regard as men. And even that is easier said than done.

This seems to be something that happens constantly not just in fiction but also in real life. Women constantly have to prove their worth to society, get their moment in the spotlight, and then their efforts get brushed under the carpet. (It's even worse for women of color.) Why else do you think there are so many stories about men?

Sorry, back to the review. Joy is good but if you're a woman watching this, you might feel anything but that a good majority of the time. Jennifer Lawrence is good (as she often is in a Russell film) though she needs to do something outside of Russell's films and The Hunger Games franchise. (At least the latter's done with.)

My Rating: ****


  1. I'm not as enthused about seeing this one due to the Jennifer Lawrence fatigue. There are so many of the same actors as O. Russell's previous films too, that gets tiresome as well.

    1. I mean, it's not terrible but it's not something you need to rush out and see immediately.


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