Monday, August 13, 2012

Captain America: The First Avenger

With the release of The Avengers earlier this year, it marked a possible shift for future superhero movies. It was also a collaboration of previous Marvel titles from the years before, including Jon Favreau's Iron Man movies, Louis Leterrier's The Incredible Hulk and Kenneth Branagh's Thor.

The last related movie released before The Avengers was Joe Johnston's Captain America: The First Avenger. Much like the other pre-The Avengers movies, this provides a certain amount of entertainment without steeping too far into ridiculousness. (Though it does do that in a scene or two.)

A key thing casting directors have to keep in mind when casting the lead role of a superhero movie is you need an actor who's likable and charismatic. That can definitely be applied to Chris Evans. The way he plays Steve Rogers is practically effortless and at the same time you just can't imagine anyone else in that role. Another win for the casting director.

The supporting cast is pretty stellar too. Hayley Atwell is dynamite in her role. I love Stanley Tucci's small part (and the reason for why he accepted the part). Sebastian Stan and Dominic Cooper provide some amusing moments. My favorite supporting actor, however, is Tommy Lee Jones just for his wiseass remarks. In all honesty, this is Evans' show.

Captain America: The First Avenger as mentioned above is entertaining but that's kind of it. It has its share of peculiarities (set in the 1940s and technology is heavily advanced for its time), but no matter. Just watch it for fun (and Evans' performance).

My Rating: ****


  1. I love the 1940s setting of this film. It's a nice change from typical superhero movies. And that cast is wonderful, from Evans to Cooper.

  2. I really loved this film. Evans was a huge reason for that. I never like a superhero film for the superhero (save Ironman) but his Rogers is just such a nice guy. Loved Atwell!

  3. I loved how different this felt compared to the other Avengers films. (I initially saw it in 3D, and it gave me a monster headache. 2D is so much better) I enjoyed Chris Evans as well. At first I wasn't really on board with his casting because he played Johnny Storm in The Fantastic Four, but he's better suited for Captain America. And the FF movies sucked.

  4. I LOVED Evans in this, which surprised me because he's normally cast as a frat-boy type.

    This movie just had so much heart. The moment when he jumps on the grenade is amazing.

  5. A co-worker of mine from Dish has insisted that I see Captain America; I loved the original 1940’s film, but I hear Evan’s is amazing. What impresses me is the fact that the WWII superhero is obviously patriotic, and looks to be a muscular Chris Evans in Underoos in the movie. When I found out that Hugo Weaving is playing the villain, I had all the ammunition I needed to make up my mind. Luckily, with the “The Winter Soldier” coming out, I can easily watch “The Last Avenger” using Dish Online. I travel frequently, so having online access is super helpful. Another great character trait carried by Captain America, is what I call “honor is dead, good guy syndrome” this makes CA a prime candidate for superhero of the year for me.


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