Saturday, April 17, 2010

10 Movie Facts About Me

I don't know whether to thank or curse Univarn for mentioning me. But either way, I knew this would happen. It's going to be hard to think of some good ones, believe me.

1) If you couldn't guess the meaning of my username (MovieNut14), it's actually rather simple. I became interested in movies at the age of 14.

2) Movie I'm ashamed to admit I haven't seen? Schindler's List.

3) I almost never re-watch a movie. My memory is that good.

4) Movie I thank for getting me interested in film? On the Waterfront.

5) Some people get songs stuck in their heads, I get scenes from movies stuck in mine. If I like the scene, it gets stuck in my head and never gets out. For example, the New Year's scene from The Godfather Part II.

6) As well as scenes, I get movie lines stuck in my head. Such as "Well, nobody's perfect" from Some Like It Hot and "We all go a little mad sometimes" from Psycho. Believe me, it's annoying.

7) I never cry at a movie. The farthest I got to getting emotional from a movie was tearing up big time at the end of Chaplin.

8) I don't have a specific genre of movie that I like. I kind of like drama, but overall I'm seeing different types of movies to determine which genre I like.

9) Before starting up the blog, I had (and still do) memberships on two review sites called Everyone's a Critic and EverHYPE (my membership for the latter will be gone once I get all of my reviews from there onto the blog).

10) The first movie I reviewed for the blog was 12 Angry Men.

Hmm, who to nominated... Oh, I know! Danny and Julian Stark, I'd love to see movie facts about you two.

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  1. nice post! i am not the one to cry at movies myself, but i have teared up a few times. and i am a huge fan of watching movies i love over and over again. i guess that means you don't own any dvds?


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