Thursday, November 22, 2012

The 7x7 Link Award

Hey, guess what I got tagged with for the third time this year? (Guess that shows I'm popular or something.) Anyway, Meredith gave me this award and since today's Thanksgiving, might as well give my thanks for it. Let's see if anything has changed since the last time I got this.

Tell everyone something that no one else knows about.
Haven't I said enough about myself? Jeez. Uh...I have a really restless mind. It's always buzzing about with ideas. It gives me a headache to be honest.

Link to one of my posts that I personally think best fits the following categories:
  • Most Beautiful Piece
  • Most Helpful Piece
  • Most Popular Piece
  • Most Controversial Piece
  • Most Surprisingly Successful Piece
  • Most Underrated Piece
  • Most Pride-Worthy Piece
Let's get this over with.

Most Beautiful Piece Not one about physical beauty this time though it is about an aspect of actors I like.

Most Helpful Piece Still going with the BOOK VS. MOVIE posts. (Don't expect me to change my answer.)

Most Popular Piece Combining my last two answers, and saying my lists of my 100 favorite things about movies and 100 film facts about me.

Most Controversial Piece Being lazy again, going with a previous answer.

Most Surprisingly Successful Piece Probably the one where I announced I'm writing a screenplay. (It's nearing completion too!)

Most Underrated Piece I'm actually a little upset that my comparison of Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now didn't get that much recognition. I thought it was pretty good.

Most Pride-Worthy Piece Still going with my classic re-casting of The Talented Mr. Ripley.

Pass this award onto seven other bloggers.
Now go away. I have family to be with. (Oh, and happy Thanksgiving to my fellow American bloggers.)


  1. Nice to see your blogging is appreciated and thanks for nominating me. I probably won't have time to do this one, but do appreciate it.


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