Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Life of Pi

This is something that happens every year. (Don't deny what I'm about to say.) Every time the awards season rolls around, everyone starts to saying, "Oh, this is the best year for movies." It happened last year, it's happening this year, and I bet it'll happen next year too. (I'm not complaining. It's just something I've noticed.)

One of this year's films that makes that claim ring true is Ang Lee's Life of Pi. It's films like this that keep my faith for cinema's future intact. (Though to be honest a number of films from both last year and this year have managed to keep my hopes up.)

I haven't read Yann Martel's novel but Lee tells the story beautifully. (Anyone who saw Brokeback Mountain knows that he can effortlessly depict a story from page to screen.) It's a fantastically woven story, that goes without saying.

There's apparently a trend in Hollywood as of late where most films are getting the 3D treatment. The thought of a film like Life of Pi getting it seems like the most idiotic idea ever. Personally, the 3D makes the story come alive even more. Much like Hugo last year, Claudio Miranda's cinematography sings with the addition of 3D. Suffice to say if you're going to see this, 3D's a must. (And on a different note, Mychael Danna's score is equally gorgeous.)

Anyway, Life of Pi is without a doubt the most gorgeous film of this year. This is the kind of film you need to see on the big screen otherwise the magic would feel...lacking. But don't just take my word for it. See it for yourself. (Which, of course, you should.)

My Rating: *****

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  1. I really loved the look and the ambition of this film, but found the story itself was lacking a bit. Really gorgeous film though. Perfect 3D.


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