Thursday, May 31, 2012


Peter O'Toole is one of those actors who seems invincible to the many obstacles of time and Hollywood. Health problems, many starring roles in film, his antics off the could wear a person out easily. Not O'Toole though.

O'Toole holds the record for most Oscar nominations and no wins. His most recent nomination was for his work in Roger Michell's Venus. His character of Maurice Russell is as carefree as T.E. Lawrence and Alan Swann but he isn't as lively as them simply because age has slowed him down. However, he won't let age stop him.

What makes O'Toole's performance so great is that in a way, he is perhaps playing himself. Maurice is an actor in his twilight years, just like O'Toole. Though O'Toole has a controlled elegance of sorts shown in Maurice as seen in a lovely little silent exchange between him and Vanessa Redgrave.

The film itself is very well done. None of the characters feel out of place. The only complaint I have is that in some scenes, the pacing is different to that of other scenes. Sometimes it's too fast, sometimes it's too slow. But that's something that could easily be overlooked.

All in all, I really liked Venus. It contains one of O'Toole's best performances of his career. You have to admire someone who still has faith in an aging name of Hollywood's Golden Age, even if it's the same person who directed Notting Hill.

My Rating: ****1/2

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  1. O'Toole's is really one of those actors who will never stop being awesome, no matter how old he gets. If anything, he seems to get better with age. Great review!


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