Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Black Orpheus

Amid the chaos of festivities, one can find their own form of activity. Such is the case with Marcel Camus' Black Orpheus.

Set in Rio de Janiero during Carnival, Black Orpheus chronicles a romance that was doomed from the very beginning. A few films depict such an affair and do it successfully. Black Orpheus is one of them.

Black Orpheus is based on a Greek myth. I myself hadn't heard of the myth but after seeing what Camus presented, I realized how great of a myth it is.

It's the small details of Black Orpheus that work. My favorite aspects were the music and the gorgeous cinematography, as well as the vivid and vibrant colors. Hey, if you don't think so, watch it for yourself.

Black Orpheus is a fantastic film. The story gets a little disoriented, but no matter. Just soak in everything Camus has to offer. I will add this though: this is only for the true film aficionados.

My Rating: ****1/2

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  1. I love this film. I just loved the richness of it and the music. It's one of those films that I need to own on Criterion DVD.


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