Friday, May 17, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness

The one thing I appreciated the most about J.J. Abram's first Star Trek film was that he didn't make it only for the fans. He also made it for the non-Trekkies as well. (I fit very snugly into the latter category.) That shows his commitment right there.

And if you read my review of the first film, you know that I loved it and was looking forward to the sequel. So what did I think of Star Trek Into Darkness? To be honest, I thought it was just as awesome as the first one. Hell, some scenes may have surpassed those in the first one.

The stars of Star Trek Into Darkness continue where they left off four years earlier. Chris Pine keeps Kirk's cockiness in full swing throughout. I approve of Zoe Saldana having more to do here. Karl Urban and Simon Pegg are real fun to watch. (They always get the best one-liners.) But one of the two MVPs of Star Trek Into Darkness is definitely Zachary Quinto. For playing a character known for his stoic nature, Quinto sure knows how to show emotion at the right moment.

I must talk about Benedict Cumberbatch's work here. (I won't delve into too many details.) It's the small details in his performance that make him stand out. The cold, dead look in his eyes...the eerily calm tone in his voice...and nary a moment where he goes over the top. (Okay, maybe one or two towards the end.) If you've seen his work on Sherlock, you know he's great at playing the anti-hero. But here, he proves he's fantastic at playing the villain.

To sum up everything (or basically repeat myself), Star Trek Into Darkness definitely delivers. It's certainly darker than the first film (though the title alone suggests that) and the war on terror allegory throughout is interesting. And Michael Giacchino's score added so much to the film. Oh, and be sure to stick around after the credits.

My Rating: ****


  1. Glad you liked it! Though, now I'm totally confused now. A co-worker that saw it said not to stick around after the credits, but you said to. I think I trust your opinion more than hers. Can't wait to see this tomorrow.

  2. Nice review. I really enjoyed the film. The cast was, again, terrific, and Cumberbatch was a better villain than Eric Bana. I'd love to see them back for a third film.


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