Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pondering on Remakes

With all the remakes in production, it makes you wonder (and worry) if your favorite classic movie will be one of those remakes.

A number of classic film fans are, how should I put this, annoyed that The Thin Man is getting remade with Johnny Depp as Nick Charles. I have to admit that Depp doesn't have the same charm William Powell had.

Kevin, someone I follow and talk to on Twitter, just hated the news of Seven Samurai getting the remake treatment again. He also doesn't approve of how Baz Luhrmann is going with that adaptation of The Great Gatsby, but that's for another post.

Knowing my devotion to it, you can tell that I will be pissed if Sweet Smell of Success gets remade. If that happens, I will be crying, screaming and plotting to kill the yutz of a producer who's behind the production.

Which movie(s) would you hate to see remade?


  1. What if they adapted the musical version of Sweet Smell of Success? I always allow musicals.

    The only movies I could never accept a remake for would are Casablanca and Nashville. I think even Gone with the Wind I would accept if only out of curiosity.

  2. I think I'd be tempted to bomb Hollywood into oblivion if someone even considered remaking Casablanca. There are some things you simply don't touch.

    Count me among those who are not happy about the new Thin Man, and I'm also not pleased about Baz Luhrmann's new Gatsby remake (though, to be honest, that's more about my love for the book--which is my favorite of all time--than about the abysmal Redford-Farrow movie version).

  3. I don't know. I used to think that remakes were always a bad idea, but now I have second thoughts. Think about it: every time the press talks about the remake, they mention the original movie = more interested people in classic films.
    Then, the remakes are never better than the original, so let them have fun and try to do something decent. There are some exceptions, I liked the first three chapters of "Mildred Pierce" starring Kate Winslet. But I don't think I'll watch them instead of Crawford's movie in the future.
    So, I was trying to think in a movie that I'd hate to see remade, but in every case I'd be curious to check what can modern directors, cast and crew make. And in most cases I know it would be fun to see the remake, but they can't compete with the original.

    Oh, you're invited to check my trailer for the the new "The Thin Man". I think that Marion Cotillard is a great option to play Nora.

  4. I am not to fond of the Planet of the Apes one(Its really Conquest of the Planet of the Apes they are remaking this time but I still don't like it).

    Other than that I have more issues with all these fast reboots. I wish studios would give their franchises legs instead. A great example of that is the Fast and the Furious franchise.

  5. I'm not obsessed with The Thin Man, but I am quite upset that's it's being remade. And I'm with Brandie on bombing Hollywood if Casablanca is ever remade. You don't mess with perfection.


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