Friday, May 20, 2011

Counterfeit Casting: Tony Curtis

Now this is one I've been thinking deeply about for a while. I've been wondering who could portray an actor I very much admire. Who could play the blue-eyed beauty that was Tony Curtis?

CANDIDATE #1: Leonardo DiCaprio
Early on in their careers, they were both destined to be in nothing but heartthrob roles. However, they proved that they were more than just a pretty face. Plus, someone pointed out that there is a resemblance between the two, which I can see.
I can't think of anything.

CANDIDATE #2: Jude Law
Both Curtis and Law have played a cad more than once in their movies. And in a way, their personal lives are similar. By that I mean they couldn't really be satisfied being with only one woman at a time. (No offense to either of them.)
I'm not sure if Law can do a Bronx accent.

CANDIDATE #3: Joaquin Phoenix
Phoenix, like Curtis, doesn't get enough recognition for his acting. In Curtis' case, it was his selection of some of his roles, say, post-Spartacus; for Phoenix, it's his off-screen antics. To sum things up, although their names are recognizable, not many are aware of their skill as actors.
Like what I said for Law, I'm not sure if Phoenix can do a Bronx accent.

Who would you cast to portray Tony Curtis?

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  1. I like the idea of Joaquin Phoenix as Curtis. And I do think he can do a bronx accent, unlike Law. The kinda look similar too. I think Di Caprio is too pretty.


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