Sunday, May 22, 2011

Stage Door

Recently I've taken a shine to movies about show business. There's something alluring about the lead character trying to get their name in lights or seeing those lights burn out.

Katharine Hepburn usually plays the aloof leading lady in most of her roles. Here in Stage Door, she's in that type of role. She appears to haughty air to her, but she actually justs wants to get along with the other girls at the boarding house.

The two supporting women that captured my attention were Ginger Rogers and Lucille Ball. They have some of the snappiest lines in a movie full of them. Both are bubbly people, a factor which separates them from the sour grapes of the boarding house.

Although Stage Door is figuratively and literally a chick flick, I loved it. I also think it will appeal to both sexes. It has one of Hepburn's best roles, and that can also be applied to Rogers and Ball. In short, I adore Stage Door.

My Rating: *****

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  1. oh I loved this one. Gregory La Cava's one of my favorite directors from the 30s.


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