Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Life in Movies

I was commissioned by Andy to partake in this blogathon. It's a simple concept, really: just name your favorite movies released every year since you were born. And for those wondering, yes, I have seen movies released within the last twenty years. (GASP!) Anyway, onto business.

1993: The Nightmare Before Christmas
Animated and weird. Sounds like my life and that's how I like it.

1994: Ed Wood
What I said about the previous entry can describe Johnny Depp's performance in this perfectly.

1995: Se7en
Four words: "WHAT'S IN THE BOX??????"

1996: Primal Fear
Best. Acting. Debut. Ever.

1997: Boogie Nights
No, not for the ending (I know it's fake), but for the performances. P.T. Anderson sure knows how to crank out good ones.

1998: The Thin Red Line
Yeah, I liked this a million times better than Saving Private Ryan. Deal with it.

1999: The Talented Mr. Ripley
Matt Damon being creepy and Jude Law being sexy. 'Nuff said.

2000: Requiem for a Dream
Probably the only movie that had me in tears by the end. Damn you, Aronofsky!

2001: Amelie
One of the most enjoyable movies I have seen in a long time.

2002: Road to Perdition
Was 2002 the "Year of the Underrated"? Sure seems like it.

2003: Mystic River
One of the first movies that left a big enough impact on me.

2004: Closer
Like Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? but with less alcohol.

2005: Brokeback Mountain
Fuck the controversy. One of the best romances the silver screen has shown.

2006: The Prestige
My fave Nolan movie.

2007: Into the Wild
Loved the book, adored the movie.

2008: Milk
It deepens my thoughts on gay rights drastically.

2009: An Education
I have high hopes for Carey Mulligan after seeing this.

2010: The Social Network
"Did I adequately answer your condescending question?"


  1. Wow you are such a youngster. =) Nice list but we have way different taste. I don't think I have a film on my post (is published on Sunday) that is on yours.

  2. Love the list.
    I will be publishing mine on Sunday.

  3. Wonderful list you have here! Love the image you used for "Milk," it really makes a statement about the film's message

  4. This is a fun post! I love it. I also feel old, I remember seeing Nightmare Before Christmas in theaters!

  5. Nice work, love you selections, thanks for taking part.

  6. Glad to see you loving The Social Network :)

    Great choices.

  7. Good Choices. We share a few, but some very different views too. Love that!!

    I only had 20 more years to list!! LOL I am so old....sob sob

  8. Great list! Nice to see both Requiem for a Dream and An Education getting some love.

  9. The Prestige woot! Also my fave Nolan movie so far :) And nothing wrong with liking The Thin Red Line over Saving Private Ryan, I love both equally.

  10. Good list, some films I'd totally forgotten about :p x

  11. Your captions are priceless. Love the one for Primal Fear. I enjoy the hell of out that flick, but no chance it could top Fargo. Bless you for choosing Boogie - I haven't seen nearly enough other people doing that just yet.

  12. Like Fletch, I love some of these captions and I absolutely love the inclusion of Primal Fear and the caption used for that. I agree. I loved that movie and from that moment on I knew Norton was one to watch out for, and have loved his work ever since. Great performance.

    I like The Talented Mr Ripley getting some love as well. And The Prestige? Awesome. While not my favorite Nolan movie (that belongs to Memento), I believe that's a great movie that is somewhat underappreciated on his resume. Into the Wild is another good selection. I think Emile Hirsch is one of the most underrated actors around today and his performance in Into the Wild is really good, showing why he is so awesome.

    Overall, nice list with plenty of good movies and some unconventional choices that make for some nice variety.

  13. Yes to all these movies. Great, great choices. All classics in their own right. Now excuse me while I go rewatch them all.


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