Saturday, May 1, 2010

BOOK VS MOVIE: High Fidelity

When an adaptation of a book comes to theaters, it's really rare to have it true to the book. Some miss the mark (The Shining), while some manage to hit it dead-on (Rosemary's Baby). If you're wondering where High Fidelity falls in, it's the latter.
After his girlfriend Laura breaks up with him, Rob examines five past relationships to see what went wrong. He also talks about his love of music, since he owns a record store.
I appreciate the fact that Stephen Frears has his movie stay mostly true to Nick Hornby's book (mostly true because the movie's set in Chicago; the book's set in England). Along with that, both are well worthwhile.
What's worth checking out?: I'd go with both.


  1. One of my favorite books and one of my favorite movies! I actually re-read that book every year around this time. It's odd to see how the book survives the change in setting fron London to Chicago...but you're totally works!

  2. Every time I see this movie and love it I think of how weird it is that Stephen Frears made it. HIs work is always so serious and high class, that he could retune himself to Hornby's level always shocks and delights me. You're right, this adaptation is spot on. It keeps the essence of the book alive and even though the character in it are British I can'timagine anyone else as Rob or Barry than John Cusack and Jack Black. It's really one of the best American romantic comedies ever made.

    Amd what can you say about Hornby? He's brilliant. No one captures that "moment-in-time/life" type of story than he does. Matter of fact I've loved all his film adaptations. About a Boy was great and even the American Fever Pitch was lovely (haven't seen the British one). I hope they get to adapting more of his work soon.


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