Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bloggers and Their Admirations

I read countless blogs and occasionally the author of the blog admires a certain movie or person. I have encountered this many times and I thought it would an interesting post.

NOTE: To the bloggers mentioned, I'm not insulting you. I just want to show other people who/what you like.

First up is Andrew over at Encore's World of Film & TV.  He has a liking to movie legend Katharine Hepburn. A few months back, he did a Katharine Hepburn Blogathon (which I participated in). He frequently brings her up in his posts.

Next up is The Mad Hatter at The Dark of the Matinee. He admires the writing of author Nick Hornby (High Fidelity, About a Boy, Fever Pitch). He frequently makes top five lists much in the same vein of Rob Gordon, the lead in High Fidelity. One comment on his blog was being truthful about his Hornby admiration. Even more so when he commented on my reviews for An Education (Hornby was one of the screenwriters) and High Fidelity.

The next blogger has not one but TWO actor admirations. That would Julian Stark from Movies and Other Things.., and his appreciation for Oscar nominee Robert Downey, Jr. and Oscar winner Marion Cotillard. In fact, his username is a combination of Downey's characters' names in Less Than Zero and Iron Man. He's currently doing 23 Days of Robert Downey, Jr. (which I would advise you to check out), though I'm not sure if he'll do the same with Cotillard (I'm thinking it's likely). Personally, I'd like to see his reaction if Downey and Cotillard were to act alongside each other.

The author of Common Sense Movie Reviews (I don't know his name) appreciates Oscar winner Russell Crowe. Much like Julian, he's currently running 26 Days of Russell Crowe (again, I advise you to check it out).

This list just wouldn't be complete without him. Yes, I'm referring to Univarn from A Life in Equinox: A Movie Lover's Journal and his love for director Akira Kurosawa. I'm saying love because I've never seen someone that dedicated to one person. Back in March, he did 23 Days of Kurosawa (which later spawned what's going on at Movies and Other Things... and Common Sense Movie Reviews), a series of reviews on Kurosawa's movies to commemorate what would've been Kurosawa's 100th birthday. On the 23rd day (Kurosawa's birthday), he reviewed his favorite movie of all-time: Seven Samurai. Though I found his rating of 11/10 for the movie a little ridiculous, the review itself is brilliant.

Those are the only ones I can think of. What about you? Seen any interesting ones? Are you one of them?


  1. Ah! Finally an original and discussion worthy post from one hour of scouring the web :) I would like to point out Ruth at Flix Chatter ( and her love for Gerard Butler. Also, Jose from Movies Kick Ass ( and his adoration of Penelope Cruz. When I saw her on 60 Minutes (a TV news show), I actually felt the need to tell him on his website!

  2. If you can't do nonsensical scoring for your all time favorite movie on your own blog, then what's the point!? Some movies exceed perfection for me, and it's the one.

    As for my love of Kurosawa, it's ok, I'm good with it :).

    Nice post, would be cool to see if a lot of people could do posts on it.

  3. I have fierce love of Fellini, Christopher Walken, Ingmar Bergman, and many others. I actually started a regular (ie. whenever I feel like it) piece I call why (insert nae here) should be in every movie, just to pay tribute to the actors who I love. Good post. Thanks for the links.

  4. My admiration for Howard Hawks and Jean-Luc Godard probably counts. Anyone who knows me knows that I always have A LOT to say about those two directors.

    It's interesting that most bloggers do seem to have one or two figures of obsession like this.

  5. Billy Wilder for me. I have only just discovered him and I have started reviewing his movies on my site (e.g. Double Indemnity, Sunset Boulevard). I am excited by the fact that there are still quite a few of his that I have not seen yet.


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