Friday, April 22, 2016

Eye in the Sky

What motivates us from going through a certain action? Is it our conscience that stops us? The lingering sense of guilt that follows in the aftermath? Whatever the reason, it's within human nature to have second thoughts before following through.

Gavin Hood's Eye in the Sky has this as its main theme. Revolving around drone warfare (hence the title), it focuses on the tough decisions one faces when at war. Is the effect of one action worth it as a result?

Similar to The Ox-Bow Incident decades earlier, Eye in the Sky lingers on the characters' consciences before and after their actions. Some view what they're doing as simply doing the right thing while others acknowledge that innocent lives are at stake. What matters is if their gut instincts are the right ones.

As is frequently the case for war-themed films, the cast of Eye in the Sky is solid. Featuring the likes of Helen Mirren, Aaron Paul, the recently departed Alan Rickman, and Barkhad Abdi, Hood ensures that this quartet of actors delivers. And boy, they do.

Eye in the Sky is a very solid film though it does start to lose steam towards the end. Regardless of that detail, Hood does make a thoroughly effective thriller, the kind reminiscent of those from the Cold War era. In other words, it's worth a look for those curious.

My Rating: ****


  1. I liked this take on a military film so to speak. It's not often you see a film so intense where the main people involved are mostly sitting behind desks.

  2. My expectations were modest going into this film, but it ended up being very enthralling.

    Nice review.

    - Zach


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