Saturday, September 24, 2011


I love movies with damn good dialogue. (Why else would Billy Wilder be among my favorites?) It's fun to quote it every now and again. Well, at least until you annoy the hell out of everyone because of it.

I say this in regards to Aaron Sorkin. Who can forget the witty lines of The West Wing or The Social Network? The thing with Moneyball, however, is that the dialogue isn't as memorable as those two. But there is that Sorkin smarm within it.

Moneyball is Bennett Miller's second contribution to Hollywood. (His first was the excellent Capote.) Both movies are based on real events but as stated before, Capote comes out on top. I'm not saying Moneyball is a bad movie. It's just it could have been improved just a hair.

All in all, I thought Moneyball was good. I didn't love in the strongest sense of the word because I'm not a baseball fan. I will say this though: I like how Moneyball doesn't end like the typical sports movie.

My Rating: ****


  1. It's a nice little film - works for really any sort of an audience willing to pay attention to detail and story.

    Glad you enjoyed it Anna.

  2. It may not feel quite like the classic baseball movie others have achieved, but it's certainly pleasant enough to be enjoyable even by non-sports fan, and features great performances from Hill and Pitt. Good review. Check out mine when you get a chance.


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