Friday, June 10, 2011

Less Than Zero

Media about addiction always manages to intrigue me, but recently not so much. I don't know why that is. But I think after I saw Requiem for a Dream last year, most other depictions of addiction and dependency pale in comparison.

Heading into Less Than Zero, I was already aware of Bret Easton Ellis', um, "quirky" sense of humor from reading American Psycho. From what I read, Ellis wasn't too pleased by the adaptation of Less Than Zero. After seeing the finished result, I'm tempted to read the book.

My main complaint is that the acting is stiff as cardboard. The only natural performance is from Robert Downey, Jr., perhaps because at that time he was living his life like Julian. We see his addiction eating away at him as the movie progresses. And just when it looks like he can't get into a deeper hole, someone throws in a shovel.

All in all, I wasn't too impressed by Less Than Zero. The storyline felt flat and loses something when Downey's not on camera. Basically, if it wasn't for Downey, I would've avoided this.

My Rating: ***1/2


  1. my favorite Downey performance and i will always love james spader, andrew mccarthy, and jami gertz.

  2. Downey was so powerful in this movie! It's one of his best performances to date. I liked everyone else in it just fine, but RDJ added a much needed sense of urgency to Less than Zero

  3. I still have yet to check out any Ellis' stuff (book or film related). One of his books are probably going to end up on a reading list I intend to do, though, so it'll be interesting how that pans out.

    However, I don't think I have ever heard of Less than Zero, but from what you go on, RDJ seems to be the only saving grace here.

    You make a good point about the route of addiction with Requiem for a Dream. I am sure I have seen other films that can rival, or might even take over how well addiction was done in that film. (I do like Requiem, but not as much as others, but I will say that the trips were pretty well done). Just can't seem to pin-point which ones they are - my mind seems to be coming up a blank.

    Anywho, good review!

    P.S Thanks for including me in your Blogs I read section, that's really nice of you man! Much appreciated!


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