Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ever happen to you?

I've been stuck for some time now and I cannot STAND IT. I guess that's what happens when you've been blogging for almost two years and hit a brick wall hard.

This post aside, I've had writer's block affect me. Hard. I can't think of anything to write for a post AND I've stalled on my screenplay.

Somebody give me a freakin' idea!


  1. It happens to the best of us. It happens to me at least once every week. But then you'll have that day where everything just clicks - your writing is fluent and marvelous and the result is just beautiful.

    My suggestion: you have no work deadline, yes? Don't force it. Let the writing come naturally, flow out of you and the end product will be far my satisfying.

    Good luck my friend :D

  2. I suggest this: just write. don't judge the quality of what you are writing. Just get something, anything in paper. Even if all you get his a line or a story beat, you at least have something to tear apart. That's what works for me anyway.

  3. I think everyone that delves into writing experiences this at one point or another.

    For me, it is a frequent occurance where I will have an extremely long period of time where I can't write anything (mostly fictional stuff, though), and this can go on for months and months.

    Then suddenly, I have a brief period where everything starts following, all these ideas

    What I suggest is anything that involves art, whether that is reading, watching films, looking up photography - anything - just delve into it. Through that, you may be inspired.

    When I started reading only recently, I have been so inspired to write, and stuff I have written has turned out to actually be good.

    Hopefully this will help you out! I know how depressing it can be not being able to write, which is obviously something you love.

  4. Happens to me once a month or so. It's usually around that time I start talking to others looking for ideas, or just simply reading around and drawing inspiration from what others are talking about.

    It'll pass...I promise.


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