Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gods and Monsters

It's not that often we get a glimpse into a director's personal life on the silver screen. Sure, they might be mentioned in memoirs, but do you see it acted out?

The two veteran stars of Gods and Monsters are Ian McKellen and Lynn Redgrave, both nominated for Oscars. They provide certain quirks to the movie's allure. McKellen is flamboyant while Redgrave is reserved. Both are polar opposites yet they have wonderful chemistry together on screen.

Brendan Fraser usually gets a bad rap since most of the movies he's in could have been written by a five-year-old. But he really impressed me in Gods and Monsters. He clearly shows that he can act. Personally, I think Fraser's one of those names working in Hollywood who needs a good script tossed to him every once in a while.

Gods and Monsters is such a wonderful movie. It shows a simplicity within the emotions and dialogue. It may rely on the subject of homosexuality most of the time, but that aside it's a marvelous film.

My Rating: *****


  1. Everytime Gods and Monsters comes on TV, I always find myself watching about 10 minutes of it, (which is always at the end), and I hate myself for not catching it at the start and watching it all the way through!

    It's definitely a film I want to see so badly, and I am glad that you have rated it so highly!

  2. i've been meaning to see this movie. from this positive review, i so need to see this. now. thanks!

  3. As much as people love him, they often forget that McKellen is so diverse. Glad to see someone remembering this and the OTHER Redgrave (not as eclectic as Vanessa, but few are).

  4. One of my favorites from the late 90s. McKellen was so good in this, Richard III and Apt Pupil. I was thrilled to see him hit it big with LOTR and X-Men. Thanks for reminding me about this one!

  5. Hmm, interesting review. Ian McKellen seems like a great actor but doesn't have many famous films.


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