Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Good Night, and Good Luck

I always like it when a time period is captured to perfection in a movie. Well, more so when the movie's set during that time period rather than from it.

Now Good Night, and Good Luck best captures the world of 1950's newsrooms. The men wore suits, everyone smoked and looked good doing it. Director/co-star George Clooney knew of this world from his own life. After all, his father was a reporter.

It may have been Clooney's name that filled the seats (other stars include Jeff Daniels, Patricia Clarkson and Robert Downey, Jr.), but it's David Strathairn who makes the movie for what it is. His portrayal of reporter Edward R. Murrow is so accurate, some might believe he's actually Murrow. Must've been a hard year for AMPAS voters when it came to the Best Actor category.

Since two of my favorite movies are about journalism, I thought it would be clear that I would like Good Night, and Good Luck. Indeed I did, very much so in fact. It doesn't cram the facts down your throat like some movies of the same subject matter might do. The facts are spread out thoroughly and evenly throughout the movie. In fact, pointers can be taken from viewing Good Night, and Good Luck.

My Rating: *****

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  1. Strathairn had been doing good work for a while, so I was glad when he finally got some acknowledgment for this film.


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