Thursday, December 31, 2009

Movies Seen in 2009

It's been a helluva year for me. My interest in film has skyrocketed, hence the list. Anyway, here are all the movies I have seen in the year 2009 (yes, I keep track; I'm a nerd, deal with it):

A Beautiful Mind
On the Waterfront
A Few Good Men
Life is Beautiful
Rain Man
The Graduate
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
The Maltese Falcon
The Soloist
The Godfather
The Godfather Part II
The Godfather Part III
Casino Royale
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
The Seventh Seal
The 400 Blows
To Have and Have Not
Citizen Kane
Ordinary People
Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
12 Angry Men
The Verdict
Field of Dreams
The Caine Mutiny
Rebel Without a Cause
Road to Perdition
The Untouchables
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Apollo 13
Love and Death
A Streetcar Named Desire
High Noon
The Lost Weekend
From Here to Eternity
The Grapes of Wrath
Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
The Manchurian Candidate
Animal House
Dog Day Afternoon
Rear Window
The Apartment
The Third Man
A Place in the Sun
The Hustler
Days of Wine and Roses
Rosemary's Baby
The Shining
The Best Years of Our Lives
The Philadelphia Story
Quiz Show
It Happened One Night
Some Like It Hot
Sunset Boulevard
Gentleman's Agreement
The Aviator
Mystic River
Walk the Line
It's a Wonderful Life
Million Dollar Baby
8 1/2
Cool Hand Luke
Catch Me If You Can
Sherlock Holmes
Once Upon a Time in the West
Cast Away

~ Number of movies: 76
~ There are two films from the 1930's, twelve from the 1940's, fourteen from the 1950's, twelve from the 1960's, nine from the 1970's, six from the 1980's, seven from the 1990's and fourteen from the 2000's.
~ Humphrey Bogart, Paul Newman, Tom Hanks, Jimmy Stewart and Al Pacino are the most represented actors with five films.
~ Diane Keaton is the most represented actress with six films.
~ Henry Fonda, Marlon Brando, Woody Allen, John Cazale, Talia Shire, Robert De Niro and Jack Lemmon each have three films on the list.
~ Sidney Lumet and Billy Wilder each have directed four films, making them the most represented directors. Alfred Hitchcock, Frank Capra, Elia Kazan, Clint Eastwood, Woody Allen and Francis Ford Coppola each have three.
~ There are a total of fourteen Best Picture winners on the list.

Oh yes, I should add something before I forget. THIS IS POST #100! WHOO-HOO! *ahem* Sorry, I get like that when I'm excited.

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  1. you've had a busy year! i like sevreal of these movies on your list--the shinign, mystic river, million dllar baby, a few good men, rain man (tom cruise had a gr8 career), rosemarys baby, psycho, streetcar, soloist, quiz show


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