Saturday, December 26, 2009

What movies...

changed your movie-watching experience? There are a few for me:

Jaws & Star Wars Thanks to Steven Spielberg and George Lucas' landmark films, they opened a new door for my rising interest in movies.

The Godfather If it wasn't for this movie, I wouldn't be interested in the classics.

The Seventh Seal I find this choice interesting because this one left a bigger impact on me than the ones previously mentioned. Mind you, I haven't seen that many foreign movies prior to this. The Seventh Seal, along with 8 1/2, is the type of movie that make you think when it's done.

So what about you?


  1. Definitely a solid list. If I had to list 3 it would be:

    Glory (first film I ever cried for, first movie I ever reviewed, held #1 on my top films forever)

    Seven Samurai (intro to Kurosawa, foreign cinema, epic stature, camera use, narrative structure emphasis, etc. etc.)

    The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly (intro to Leone and Westerns, two of my favorite things).

  2. I'd have to go back and pick my favourites for each genre. But generally, it's The Aviator of recent. It's the movie that made me interested in modern cinema after my elongated love affair with music.

  3. SAVING PRIVATE RYAN - The first war film I saw on a big screen, and the first movie to really shake me up.

    RAGING BULL - The first time I saw it I was in school for photography, and it really pushed me further into my love of black and white.

  4. This is perfect list of movies. I think you can find choices in movies. I prefer to watch love stories. The Godfather is a movie which I choose to watch. I like classic films. Thanks for all the details. Keep it up. I am very impressed with your work.


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