Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It sucks.

Having turned 16 less than three months ago, I'm annoyed at the fact that my parents are still being picky on what R-rated movies I can and can't watch by myself. It's weird because I'm allowed to watch the entire Godfather trilogy (which I did watch earlier this year), but I can't watch Goodfellas? It's even more stupid because I know why the movie's rated R (i.e., Bonnie and Clyde, Schindler's List) and they're like, "No, wait 'till you're older." Sheesh, cry me a river.


  1. My parents were the same way. Then one of them took me to see Slumdog, and now they just let me watch whatever I want. It's weird...

  2. My first R rated film was Speed when I was 10ish (something I'm ironically enough writing about right now). For the longest time I had my parents watch them first because I always got queasy around violence. Now-a-days I'll pretty much watch anything without any real trouble. Sadly though as you get older you gain responsibility in favor of more freedom (sometimes I'd rather not have all that responsibility :P).

  3. My parents have never given a thought to what films I watch. I guess I'm lucky. Or neglected.

  4. My younger brother could sympathize with you. He got into movies hardcore in 1997 (when he was fifteen). Two years later, when so many great films were coming out in 1999 he kept getting elbowed out by an increasing amount of R ratings.

    This was in the wake of Columbine, so the MPAA were being overly sensitive.

    Funny thing is, here in Canada an R rating (or 18A as it's called up here) is much more rare. Something has to be exceptionally violent or dark to land one.


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