Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Blogathons Galore

It's interesting. I've only been a blogger for four months and I have taken part in a blogathon recently. For those who have no idea what the hell a blogathon is, it's a series of posts focusing on one topic. A Life in Equinox is considering doing a Kurosawa blogathon, Encore's World of Film & TV recently did a Katharine Hepburn blogthon (which I took part in), and The Large Association of Movie Blogs frequently focus on directors.

Why am I bringing this up? I'm thinking of doing one myself, but I'm not sure who or what the subject would be. Perhaps Woody Allen or Tim Burton, but again I'm unsure. I'll let you readers know when I think of a good topic.

PS, suggestions would be nice too.


  1. If you're going for either Allen or Burton, I'd have to suggest Burton. IMHO he's better, but a Woody Allen blogathon could be fun

    Also, a blogathon is just series of posts? How would you be able to track the blogathon then? I'm still a little confused on what a blogathon is...

  2. @Julian what generally happens is the organizer collects all the posts into one single post on their blog by submission.

    I think my blogathon is going to be a UniaThon. Can't seem to attract anyone really wanting to get into it. Though I have no problem doing my own Kurosawa marathon (I can talk about his films for weeks if people don't shut me up).

  3. Burton! Burton! Burton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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