Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Place in the Sun

Today marks what would've been the 89th birthday of actor Montgomery Clift. A brilliant actor who left before his time, Clift is noted for his Oscar-nominated performances in A Place in the Sun and From Here to Eternity. I shall be reviewing the former.

George Eastman (Clift) goes to work for his uncle at his factory. While working, he goes against the rules and starts a relationship with fellow employee Alice Tripp (Shelley Winters). Problems arise when he falls in love with socialite Angela Vickers (Elizabeth Taylor). More arise when Alice becomes pregnant.

I may be imagining things, but when an actor dies young do their movie roles become more tragic? Some people might be seeing that with Heath Ledger. My point is, Clift's performance is just downright heartbreaking.

My Rating: *****

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