Sunday, October 4, 2009


When the movie Jaws is mentioned, the first thing usually thought of is the famed score by John Williams. But I assume that not a lot of people know that the movie that made Steven Spielberg a household name was based off a book.

Island resort Amity is the subject of a shark attack on a tourist. Police chief Martin Brody wants to close the beaches but since the 4th of July crowds are coming soon, mayor Larry Vaughn refuses to have it done. Shortly after this, a young boy is killed by the same shark. The only help Brody receives to get rid of the shark is from shark hunter Quint and ichthyologist Matt Hooper.

Occasionally, a movie becomes well-known for the complications during production (Apocalyspe Now anyone?), and Jaws is definitely one of those movies. The robotic shark "Bruce" (named after Spielberg's lawyer) kept breaking down from the saltwater and the crew nicknamed the movie "Flaws". But because of the malfunctioning mechanics, Spielberg decided to only hint when the shark is nearby. Smart move.

What's worth checking out?: The book's okay, the movie's great.


  1. I agree, this is one of those instances where the movie is better. I was going to eventually write this one up for one of my "Ehh... The Movie Was Better" posts but I will have to reread the book first because it has been awhile.

  2. Agreed. I saw this movie on television and its complete trilling experience that is full of suspense till the end. I haven't read the book though but the movie is an absolute charm.
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  3. The book is definitely better, if you're an adult. The story is more realistic, more relevant and far more insightful. Teen audiences and special effects/gore/explosion lovers will always go for the instant gratuity and silliness the movie has to offer, but the book is by far better.


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