Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pieces of April

Admit it. You've done it before. You tried to impress someone by doing something you've never done before in your life.

Such is the case with April Burns (Katie Holmes) in Peter Hedges' Pieces of April. In order to impress her estranged family, she has invited them for Thanksgiving dinner. She has never made anything before, let alone a whole Thanksgiving spread, so she's hoping everything will pan out.

However, the worst thing happens: her oven doesn't work. After her brief moment of panic, she finds a solution. But even that might be a bigger problem.

April's family on the flip side are beyond reluctant to go to her place. Their trek to her New York apartment is laced with mostly unnecessary pit stops, a number of them pertaining to food. They just don't think April has changed.

Pieces of April is quite good. Along with Holmes, there's also some great work from Patricia Clarkson. There are a few moments that hit close to the heart that fortunately work. (Anywhere else they would've flopped.) All in all, it's worth a look.

My Rating: ****


  1. This is the only movie that Katie Holmes was "ok" in. I can't stand her work otherwise, but this one I could.

  2. This is such an underrated gem of a movie. I love its gritty, raw style, and the entire ensemble of actors. It still baffles me that Clarkson has only received one Oscar nomination.

  3. I feel this is Katie Holmes best performance in a film. It's a good film that deserves a wider audience.


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