Saturday, January 19, 2013


I always admire any actor who can deliver every time. The film could fall flat on its face within the first half hour and the actor could still deliver a solid performance. Those are the actors I'll like regardless of what they do.

This is mostly pertaining to actors of Hollywood's Golden Age. One such actor is James Cagney. Whether he's busting jaws in his gangster pictures or doing lighter fare for his contracted studio Warner Bros., he could always be at the top of his game. (Come to think of it, most actors of his era were like that.)

Such an example is shown in Roy Del Ruth's Taxi! Much like what he would do in Lady Killer the following year, Cagney shows a softer sometime comedic performance. (Just don't get on his bad side.)

Cagney's leading lady is Loretta Young and boy, is she an ideal actress. She's practically the kind of actress who can balance off his character's temperament. It also got me curious as to what else she's done. She's good.

Anyway, Taxi! isn't too particularly memorable but it's quite entertaining. Cagney and Young definitely have their moments, especially together. Granted, it's not the best film Hollywood churned out but it's certainly a charming one.

My Rating: ****

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