Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Has this happened to you?

You keep forgetting that a certain actor is a certain movie. It's happened to me twice. The actors and movies may suprise you.
The Actor: Liam Neeson
The Movie: Batman Begins
Reason(s): I think it's because he's not in it that much that continually makes me forget Neeson's in Batman Begins.

The Actor: Jeff Bridges
The Movie: Iron Man
Reason(s): That's right. I keep forgetting that The Dude is in Iron Man. Why? I blame that bald head he sports.

Well, what about you? Do you keep forgetting an actor or actress is in a movie you've recently seen?

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  1. Yes! This happens to me occasionally as well. One instance that jumps out at me is Whoopi Goldberg in Robert Altman's The Player. I love that movie, but only watch it once every few years. I always seem to forget that she's in it, despite the fact she has a pretty pivotal role as the detective. I'm always like "Oh yeah...Whoopie. Huh."


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