Saturday, June 26, 2010


If my appreciation for Tim Burton doesn't make it evident enough, I have a thing for quirky movies. But I like "interesting quirky" more than "regular quirky".

Nine strangers from the San Fernando Valley go through a day of their lives. Although their lives are different, they all have a connection.

It's an interesting premise, I'll admit it, even though it's been copied over and over and over again. Paul Thomas Anderson managed to grab my attention with the interweaving storyline. The performances are very good (though I found Julianne Moore a tad annoying), especially the one from Tom Cruise. The scene where the main characters are singing to the Aimee Mann song "Wise Up" was definitely an unique scene. I give Anderson kudos for writing and directing a truly original movie.

My Rating: ****1/2


  1. this was a pretty good movie. i liked it a lot.

  2. Paul T Anderson's skill is in focussing on the eccentricities of our everyday lives. I think Magnolia captures this brilliantly but I do prefer his other movies. Nice review.


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