Thursday, June 17, 2010


Remember a few months when I was being a whiny bitch? For those who haven't read that post, I'll give an overview. I was complaining that there are a crapload of good movies that I want to see, but the "parental units" are saying I have to wait until I'm old enough to see them since those movies are rated R.

My response? BULLSHIT! (I don't say that to their faces if you're wondering) There's no effin' way I'm waiting unitl September (that's when I was born) to see R-rated movies. I mean, I'm grateful they let me watch some where it's pretty obvious why the movie's rated R (The Godfather, The Shining, Rosemary's Baby, etc.), but COME ON. Break some more rules, please.

Since that earlier post, I managed to see a good solid chunk of excellent R-rated movies (Raging Bull, Schindler's List, Brokeback Mountain, to name a few). But this is without their knowledge. It ain't easy, trust me.

You're probably wondering, "Oh, why can't you watch them with your parents?" The answer is simple: I prefer watching them alone. Basically if I watch something with my mom, afterwards she asks me questions nonstop about the actors or director (which I cannot STAND). And my dad is usually too tired to watch anything after work.

My point is I'm so not waiting three months to be allowed to see R-rated movies without their permission.


  1. Stick with it, you can do it!

    I've been watching R rated films with my parents for a while, and for the most part we're pretty good with whatever comes. It's a toughy though. My dad's usually in bed by 9 so we don't watch movies with him much. My mom's a great movie watching partner, so I go to the movies a lot with her.

    It's always tough though. On some level you just have to wait. I've said it before just before I turned 17 in NC they made it 18 to see R rated films so I had to wait an extra year. We all have our stories :)

    by the way you've been tagged by me in another one of those meme things. Might help your writers block ;)

  2. I can't watch serious movies with my parents because my mom thinks everything is funny, like oh ha ha that guy is getting the crap kicking out of him, etc. So we stick to comedy.

  3. Sneak in. That sounds wrong, but these are desperate times! I was 16 too when I complained about this, so I bought a ticket for The Bucket List and walked into There Will Be Blood. Well worth it. Plus, a lot of the good movies (Girl Who Played With Fire, Winter's Bone, Kids Are All Right) are R rated and should be watched.


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