Friday, June 4, 2010

Participating in Blogathons

You know you've done it several times before. The Large Association of Movie Blogs has them all the time, more prolifically their LAMBs in the Director's Chair and LAMB Acting School segments. Encore's World of Film & TV recently did a musical blogathon. And it does not end there.

My question is this: why do so many blogs take part in blogathons? I view it as a way to get noticed (hence why I try to get involved in as many as I can). But now and then, some blogs just get noticed from word of mouth rather than blogathons (I'm looking at you, Univarn).

So what are your views on the subject? Do you think blogathons are a good way to get recognized? Or are they just for blogging wannabes?


  1. Well when I came here I came with a handful of RottenTomatoes defunkies which gave me an in to the community (especially in the case of CS Movie Reviews who had been blogging for a while). And it sort of built from there.

    For me I partake in blog-a-thons when I have something worth saying, or they ask me too. Some are just fun, especially when the author is being creative about what they envision it to be. So all is well :)

  2. Personally I find it interesting to see what others feel about a particular film, genre, etc. There is always someone who will put a unique spin on the subject regardless of whether you agree with them or not. I also like the challenge of writing about a subject that is not in my usual comfort zone.


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