Wednesday, March 10, 2010


1) When a movie you want to see come out in theaters, do you:

a) ignore all reviews and opinions on the film
b) catch a glimpse of a review or two and listen to a few opinions
c) immerse yourself in reviews and opinions to truly see if you want to see the movie that badly

2) What format do you usually watch your movies on?

a) At theaters
b) On DVD/Blu-ray
c) On TV

3) When do you watch a movie?

a) Every day
b) On the weekend
c) When I have the chance/time to


  1. 1. It depends on the film. If it's a film I know I want to see, I'll see it regardless of what I hear, but in any case I'll check out what others have to say

    2. At the theaters or on DVD/Blu-ray

    3. Usually when I have the chance, which is at the moment every day! However, I'm juggling multiple movies at the same time!

  2. 1)
    b) catch a glimpse of a review or two and listen to a few opinions

    There are some people/papers that I trust, but I still tend to only get information from them to form my own opinion rather than listening to and trusting their opinion explicitly.

    a) At theaters
    I absolutely love theaters

    b) On the weekend
    I'll see a movie in a theater every weekend if I can. DVDs at home when I get the chance.


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