Monday, March 22, 2010

Official Christopher Nolan Blog-a-thon

Judging from the lack of enthusiasm and/or interest last time, I was hoping there would be more posts on this subject. Which, thankfully, was true. Much like last time, these posts I found from browsing through blogs I normally read:

The King Bulletin

A Life in Equinox: A Movie Lover's Journal
Brian's Film Review Blog (NOTE: The Sting is also reviewed in the post)
The Real Reel
Movie Mobsters

Batman Begins
Common Sense Movie Reviews
Movie Mobsters

The Prestige
Strange Culture
Foolish Blatherings

The Dark Knight
The Dark of the Matinee
The Movie Encyclopedia
Common Sense Movie Reviews
John Likes Movies
Brian's Film Review Blog
The Movie Trust
Movies Kick Ass Blog
Stop the Planet of the Apes... I want to get off.
film babble blog
Movie Mobsters

Other Posts of Interest
~Film Experience calls Nolan a "modern maestro"
~The King Bulletin ponders on what if The Dark Knight got a R rating
~The Dark of the Matinee examines Nolan's take on the Batman franchise

If you find any other posts on Nolan, feel free to mention them in the comments.


  1. I might very well do a little CN Blog-a-thon in the lead up to INCEPTION. Great idea, and thanks for pulling my work to include in it!

  2. Nice collection of post's there. Just heading over to read the other review of Following...


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