Sunday, March 28, 2010

Twitter Conversation #5

Man, I haven't done one of these in awhile. Let's see if I can remember. Conersationlists are me, Ryan of A Life in Equinox: A Movie Lover's Journal, Brian of Brian's Film Review Blog and Michelle of We Are Movie Geeks. Oh, and also the author of Common Sense Movie Reviews (don't know their name). And it went like this:

MovieNut14: Just saw The Great Escape. One word: sch-WEET.
ohman4 (Michelle): @MovieNut14 isn't Steve McQueen great in it?
MovieNut14: @ohman4 Hell yeah. No wonder he's the "King of Cool".
ohman4: @MovieNut14 next McQueen film..Towering Inferno...omg. Plays it so smooth
bpdreview (Brian): @ohman4 @MovieNut14 Towering Inferno was a mess!
ohman4: @bpdreview @MovieNut14 great Irwin Allen schlock from the mid 70's plus every big name at the time was in it....great fun to watch
MovieNut14: @ohman4 @bpdreview Hey, for what it's worth, next movie I see w/ McQueen: Bullitt.
Univarn (Ryan): @MovieNut14 @ohman4 @bpdreview I think Bullitt gets underrated far too much these days. It just oozes cool
ohman4: @MovieNut14 @bpdreview BULITT...way to go. Also his last movie, THE HUNTER...good one too
MovieNut14: @Univarn To answer your question on what's the best WWII escape movie, it's The Great Escape.
bpdreview: @Univarn @ohman4 @MovieNut14 I haven't seen Bullitt yet. Now I really want to.
MovieNut14: @ohman4 @bpdreview @Univarn Oh, and The Magnificent Seven.
bpdreview: @ohman4 @MovieNut14 @Univarn I really liked him in The Thomas Crown Affair. The film doesn't hold up, but McQueen's coolness does.
bpdreview: @ohman4 @MovieNut14 @Univarn Plus you get a supposedly erotic chess scene that will make you laugh out loud.
bpdreview: @ohman4 @MovieNut14 @Univarn I forgot about my favorite McQueen film (out of the 4 I've seen) Peckinpah's The Getaway
MovieNut14: @bpdreview To calm your desire to see Bullitt, it's on Netflix Watch Instantly.
bpdreview: @MovieNut14 Cool, though unfortunately so are 127 other films I really want to see.
Univarn: @bpdreview @ohman4 @MovieNut14 love The Getaway. The movie didn't even need a plot. McQueen and MacGraw's raw sex appeal alone was epic.
bpdreview: @Univarn So wonderfully violent and so wonderfully strange. The subplot with Sally Struthers makes no sense. I love it!
MovieNut14: @Univarn And it was thanks to that which lead MacGraw to leave her husband to be with McQueen. No woman can resist the McQueen charm.
ohman4: @Univarn @MovieNut14 @bpdreview the chess scene is over the top delicious in THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR...its lol funny what they do
bpdreview: @MovieNut14 @Univarn And few men can as well.
bpdreview: @ohman4 I blush whenever I play my bishop.
Univarn: @ohman4 @MovieNut14 @bpdreview I've always held a strong soft spot for Sand Pebbles though. Such a darker, deeper, McQueen performance.
MovieNut14: @bpdreview Of course The Getaway is "wonderfully violent", as you say. What do you expect? It IS directed by Sam Peckinpah after all.
MovieNut14: @Univarn That movie got McQueen his only Oscar nod.
MovieNut14: I gotta go to bed, I'm beat. That conversation w/ @ohman4 @bpdreview & @Univarn may or may not end up on my blog.
ohman4: @bpdreview LOL...I'm sure....quite a scene
ohman4: thanks to @MovieNut14 @Univarn for the walk down McQueen lane @bpdreview checkmate
CSMovieReviews: @Univarn @bpdreview @MovieNut14 A totally irrelevant Steve McQueen fact, his grandson is in The Vampire Diaries tv show.

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