Friday, March 5, 2010

Is there a movie...

that made you cry? I'm not the emotional type, but I did get a lump in my throat from Brokeback Mountain, East of Eden, A Single Man and WALL-E.

So what about you?


  1. Brokeback Mountain does it for me. So does The Wrestler, every time. I bawled when I saw United 93 as well...

  2. I'm surprised those are the only (few) movies that really moved you. I do get the "lump" in my throat in just so many movies I can't possibly name them all. I mean it's almost a prerequisite to enjoy a large fraction of movies out there. Very few movies have had me crying though ;)

  3. The English Patient. I watched it everyday for a week and I cried every time. How embarassing.

  4. I let out some tears in Brokeback; A Single Man was more like the "lump in the throat" feeling.

    A recent one I watched that surprisingly made me tear up a bit was Eveerybody's Fine. I also cried the first time I saw Precious.

  5. Boys Don't Cry and Moulin far apart as genres go, but both tear-jerkers for me!



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