Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pitch #3

I have been writing a lot of short stories recently. A few of them are related to Hollywood and the movie industry (no surprise). The one I'm currently working on I'll share the plot and characters with you. It's entitled Dying Embers.

Set in the mid-1930's, the story revolves around a burned-out silent film star whose career ended from the advent of talkies and a scandal involving an aspiring actress. Three of his friends, also actors, try to keep his spirits up, but his life starts crashing down on him.

  • Charles "Chuck" DeVola, the lead character. Although he was acquitted in his trial, his career was sentenced to death. In his heyday he was known as the romantic lead, but in reality he has a fear of commitment.
  • Ruth Malone, a fellow actress. She is known for playing the manipulative woman on the silver screen but in real life, she is very pleasant. She is close friends with Chuck.
  • Clive Yorke, one of Hollywood's biggest stars. A Fairbanks-esque leading man, he has an ego almost as big as his popularity. But he also has a gentle side to him, especially towards women.
  • Fiona Norwood, a striking leading lady. A temptress on screen, she is actually an one-man woman. The one man is Clive, whom she marries after a brief courtship.
If this was turned into a movie, who would you cast?

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  1. Charles "Chuck" DeVola - Clive Owen
    Ruth Malone - Marion Cotillard
    Clive Yorke - Ryan Gosling
    Fiona Norwood - Angelina Jolie

    these are all people who can be styled to really look like the stars from back then and they've all got some serious acting chops.


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