Sunday, November 1, 2009

What do you prefer?

A) a movie shot in black and white?


B) a movie shot in color?


  1. I'm never bothered either way. I think films in color really benefit those of the costume and action variety while thrillers and character films benefit more from black and white. I'll never understand though people who are dead set against one or the other, they both have their merits, quality of film always outcasts coloring :)

  2. Well obviously it's an aesthetic choice. But it depends on the actor. Some actors I find fascinating in black and white [Bergman, Crawford] some look better in colour [Davis, Baccall].

  3. Allow me to answer your question with another question:

    Have you ever watched a colour movie in black and white to see if it holds up? sometimes the results are surprisingly good (RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK for example).


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