Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Twitter Conversation #1

Last night, I had a conversation with Ryan from A Life in Equinox and Julian from Movies and Other Things... over on Twitter. And it started with me unsure of what my next post would be. It went like so (the order may not be right):

MovieNut14 (me): Stuck on what to do for next blog post... :P
MovieNut14: @Univarn Are you aware that your favorite movie of all-time is going to be on IFC at 8:00 AM on 11/28?
Univarn (Ryan): @MovieNut14 nope, but worse yet I don't get that channel.
Univarn: guess I'll just have to toss in the DVD instead :D
MovieNut14: Oh, well. Thought you had the channel. At least you have the DVD.
Univarn: @MovieNut14 have you ever done a top film list?
Univarn: @MovieNut14 you should work on compiling a top 100 films list if you're looking for something to do for your blog long term.
202chicago (Julian): I know you were talking to MovieNut14 about the 100 films list, but do you have tips on starting/enduring/finishing such a list?
Univarn: @202chicago medication? Really it just takes patience. I spent 2 weeks during summer break debating/arguing with mine.
202chicago: @Univarn Ok. That definitely rules out any time soon for me, but thanks for the advice :)
Univarn: @202chicago I could prob do the list 10 times and come up with 10 different orders and who knows how many different films.
Univarn: @202chicago I'd say keep it personal. Don't try to force films you don't feel good about just because they're considered classics.
202chicago: @Univarn Yeah. That definitely rules out Saving Private Ryan and Annie Hall for me haha
Univarn: @202chicago haha that's alright. They're well featured on my list ;)
MovieNut14: @Univarn I appreciate the thought but I can barely compile a list of my top 10, let alone top 100.
MovieNut14: @Univarn And besides, some movies I love I've already reviewed.
Univarn: @MovieNut14 well some times doing a list like that will get you to go back and see films you haven't seen in ages but still had an impact
MovieNut14: @Univarn Something I plan to do at the end of the year is make a list of all the movies I saw this year. Believe me, there's a helluva lot.
Univarn: @MovieNut14 cool. at the of this year i get to start sending out resumes. You plan sounds like more fun.
202chicago: @Univarn Ah. The subjective world of film :)
Univarn: @202chicago aye. That what makes film great ;).
202chicago: @MovieNut14 I know. I've seen AT LEAST like 50... and that's not including films released before 2009
MovieNut14: @202chicago I've seen 56, and like two-thirds of them came out before this decade.
MovieNut14: @202chicago Oh yeah, and three of them were released this year.
Univarn: @MovieNut14 that's always good, can't appreciate where film is from without seeing where it came from :). wouldn't dare count how many I've seen
202chicago: @Univarn Preach it!
202chicago: @MovieNut14 I saw where you said something about Philadelphia Story. I remember you saying it was good? I have it here. Should I watch?
202chicago: @MovieNut14 Whoa. I'd hope for your sake that G.I. Joe and Transformers 2 weren't a part of the three you've seen this year... that'd be bad
MovieNut14: @202chicago The Philadelphia Story? Yes, you should watch it. Great chemistry throughout.
202chicago: @MovieNut14 Aight. Cuz I'm not gonna lie... I didn't care for Miss Hepburn in On Golden Pond, the only performance I've seen of hers...
MovieNut14: @202chicago I'll admit this is the first movie I've seen with Katharine Hepburn, as well as Cary Grant. It's the third with Jimmy Stewart.
202chicago: @MovieNut14 It'll be my second for Hepburn, first(?) for Grant, and I think second for Jimmy Stewart (It's a Wonderful Life was my first)
MovieNut14: Ack, need...to stop...twittering. Gonna get carpal tunnel syndrome if I keep typing.
Univarn: @MovieNut14 I realized this weekend I've done 1000+ tweets. What's worse is it didn't occur to me how sad that was until later
Univarn: @MovieNut14 if you like Cary Grant's style you should watch Charade and Arsenic and Old Lace
MovieNut14: @Univarn This is the most I've tweeted in day. I don't even tweet this much in a week. As for Mr. Grant, plan to see his Hitchcock movies.
Univarn: @202chicago You HAVE to watch Harvey (starring Stewart). It's overly sweet, cheesy, and insanely fun. I love it every time I watch it
202chicago: @Univarn Yeah. I've been meaning to watch that, but I keep forgetting :/ How did you feel when they announced the possibility of a remake...
202chicago: @Univarn ... with Spielberg directing and (potentially) Robert Downey, Jr. playing the lead?
MovieNut14: @202chicago Personally, I can't stomach that. Though Downey is an interesting choice.
MovieNut14: Sheesh, if I keep tweeting I'll probably break the 300 mark.
202chicago: @MovieNut14 I believe that Downey can play anything (he's my fave actor), but I'm not so sure that this project in general is a good idea...
Univarn: @202chicago Not sure it'll happen. If it does I'll see it and judge it then. The charm of Harvey is going to be near impossible to replicate
MovieNut14: @Univarn I plan to watch it soon (the original, of course). It's on my DVR.
MovieNut14: Boy this conversation with @Univarn and @202chicago is getting pretty good. But I'm sleepy. Good night.
Univarn: @MovieNut14 good night :P
MovieNut14: @202chicago Oh, your comment on movies I've seen from this year. Relax, I avoid crappy movies like the two you mentioned.
202chicago: @MovieNut14 Good to know :)

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to soak my hands in cold water and step away from my computer before it explodes.


  1. that was a rather long conversation o.O :)

  2. @Univarn: All in under one hour, too.

  3. @Univarn @MovieNut14 That was a pretty awesome conversation, if I must say so

    "I need to soak my hands in cold water and step away from my computer before it explodes"

    The same can also be said of me most of the time


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